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Robinwood Kennel

Robinwood Kennel is located only 5 minutes from Northern Kentucky University and has been family owned and operated since 1970.

We provide a safe and affordable shelter for your pet, and offer a variety of grooming services.



Robinwood Kennel has maintained the same commitment to service and value as when the Robinson sisters began. Although both Margaret and Ann have since passed on, the kennel is still owned and operated by their nephew Joe, and additionally staffed by Joe's wife Carol and sister Peggy.


Robinwood Kennel provides your dog with an indoor/outdoor run. Each dog is separated by chain link fencing both inside and outside. An additional small concrete block "half wall" on the inside provides safety and privacy while eating and sleeping. Each dog has his/her own access to his/her own outdoor run via a doggy door which is kept open weather permitting. All of the outdoor runs are connected to a larger exercise area. Dogs are rotated into the exercise area throughout the day.


Cats and other small pets stay in a room separate from the dogs, or in a separate building depending on availability, time of year, and length of stay. Each cat has his/her own cage with a higher shelf for relaxing.


Two sisters, a log cabin, and 50 acres of land. Such was the beginning of Robinwood Kennel. After purchasing the land in 1956, Margaret and Ann Robinson, two single sisters from Fort Thomas, soon began keeping the pets of their friends for short periods of time. This trend continued and by 1970, Robinwood Kennel officially opened. Aided by their nephew, Joe Pitzer, the kennel soon became the premier boarding facility in Campbell County and continued to grow in size and services.

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